Thu December 21

Real Healthy Junk Food

 If you don’t eat junk you won’t crave junk.

This quote is so true.

A few months ago I gave up all processed foods. The first few weeks were brutal. In addition to the need-for-caffeine-headache, I had intense cravings for popcorn (my old favorite snack food), sweet wine and fried fish tacos.

And then something amazing happened.

After two weeks the cravings completely stopped. Completely. Stopped.

Now it’s been 4 months since I’ve tasted junk food and I have zero desire for it.

You can do the same. It may sound extreme to give up all junk food, but it’s actually much easier than simply limiting the junk food you eat. When you limit your intake of junk food your body will still crave it – then your relationship with food becomes a struggle.

A big part of my success is that I indulge in healthy versions of salty snacks, comfort foods and sweet treats. Here are some of my favorite real food indulgences…


Salty Foods

Comfort Foods

 Sweet Treats

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