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Chocolate Truffles

Prep time 15 min
Cook time 15 min
Total time 30 min

Prep time 15 min
Cook time 15 min
Total time 30 min


I grew up eating See’s Candies from the big white boxes. All those different flavors and fillings were so exciting! And then there was that annoying sugar crash that ensued.

Here’s a candy recipe that you can really get excited about. Made with ground pecans, soaked dates, unsweetened cocoa powder, and a touch of honey, this is one candy that’s packed with real, usable calories. Keep ’em in the freezer and pull ’em out when company comes over. Or just keep ’em in the freezer and pull ’em out whenever you want.

Note: Have fun with the toppings for these tasty little truffles. Try mixing it up with chopped nuts, shredded coconut, dark chocolate powder, or even the RAINBOW COCONUT SPRINKLES. And how cool would it be to give these to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day in a pretty little white box with a red bow?

Serves 30
For the Truffles

2 cups Pecans

1 cup Pitted Dates, soaked in hot water for 10 minutes

½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

½ teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon raw honey, melted

For the Toppings

2 tablespoons dark chocolate, 72% cocoa (melted)

¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut

¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

¼ cup dark chocolate, 72% cocoa, minced

¼ cup pistachios, shelled and finely chopped

¼ cup sliced almonds, finely chopped

For the Truffles

Toast the pecans in a dry skillet over medium heat, stirring often, until fragrant and golden. Set aside to cool.


Drain the dates, discarding the soaking liquid, and transfer to a food processor with the toasted pecans, cocoa powder, sea salt, and honey. Pulse until coarse and crumbly.


Cover a baking sheet that fits in your freezer with parchment paper. Form the dough into 30 balls.

For the Toppings

Roll the balls in the toppings of your choice. Place the truffles on the prepared pan and freeze for 15 minutes.


Calories: 76
Fat: 6g
Carbohydrates: 6g
Sodium: 1mg
Fiber: 2g
Protein: 3g
Sugar: 4g

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