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When was the last time that you took a bite of fresh, organic, perfectly ripe fruit? Delicious, wasn’t it? As a society, we often overlook fruit as the perfect dessert that it is, and instead turn to artificially flavored, cane sugar–sweetened, processed desserts that encourage rapid weight gain and declining health. Let’s bring fruit back to its rightful place as an after-dinner sweet.

When you’re on track, eating right, exercising regularly, making wholesome food choices, and being proactive for your health, this feeling comes over you.

It’s hard to describe, but once you experience it you’ll know . . .

It’s a buzzing in your cells. It’s a tickle of excitement. It’s a steady flow of energy. It’s a confidence. It’s a satisfaction in your bones. It’s a peace of mind and heart.

It’s about living in that feeling. 

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