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The Power of Greens

Prep time 10 min
Cook time
Total time 10 min

Prep time 10 min
Cook time
Total time 10 min


Lately I’ve been putting a lot of thought into my daily habits – what I do, eat, drink and how I spend my time on a day-to-day basis. As humans, we are often drawn to repeat our choices until it becomes an automatic habit…so why not make the conscious decision to predetermine what your daily habits are, in order to achieve what you want out of life?

When you really think about it, our habits determine so much…

  • Our health: how strong, lean and energetic our bodies are
  • Our finances: how much security we have
  • Our relationships: how connected we are
  • Our mentality: how much happiness we feel

The great thing about a habit is that it becomes automatic, so when we set into place healthy habits, our long term goals slowly and steadily become today’s reality.

One of my favorite habits is drinking a freshly squeezed or blended green drink each and every day. I can directly link my energy levels, mental clarity and feeling of well being to this daily downing of greens. Since I’ve grown accustomed to consuming a heaping amount of dark greens every day, my body now craves it.

So what is the big deal about greens? Why should you pick up this habit? Here are some of the reasons that greens are so powerful:

  • Dark leafy greens are rich in the essential minerals and vitamins recommended by the USDA — including protein.
  • Chimpanzees, the closest creature to humans, consume a diet that is 40% greens.
  • Consuming greens on a daily basis has a healthy, glowing effect on my skin. Must be all of those vitamins and minerals…
  • A daily, heaping serving of greens does wonders for keeping your digestive system efficient and consistent.
  • Greens provide a boost of natural energy that is not rivaled by caffeine or energy drinks. It’s nature’s energy drink!
  • After a green drink you’re WAY less likely to reach for a piece of junk food. You won’t want to lose the healthy buzzing in your cells.

Here’s the recipe for my current favorite green drink, and below are links to other tasty green drink recipes...

Serves 2

5 cups spinach

4 cups kale

2 Green Apples

3 large carrots

1 large piece Ginger Root


Wash all of the produce and run through a juicer. Mix well and serve over ice with a straw. Drink it immediately. Enjoy!


Calories: 222
Fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 52g
Sodium: 0mg
Fiber: 11g
Protein: 8g
Sugar: 24g

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