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Spicy Tuna Wrap

Prep time 8 min
Cook time 2 min
Total time 10 min

Prep time 8 min
Cook time 2 min
Total time 10 min


Goodbye, boring old tuna sandwich. Hello, gorgeous Spicy Tuna Wrap!

Honestly, who needs bread when you can wrap spicy tuna goodness in blanched collard greens? Not me. These wraps are light and tight, and will help make us light and tight too! :-)

The whole concept of wrapping delicious sandwich fillings in collards has really tickled me this week. After the amazing Thai Chicken Wraps were such a hit, I made another batch of blanched collards and came up with this Spicy Tuna Wrap to bring with me to the office for lunch. Delicious, lean and quite portable…so pretty much the perfect lunch!

When it comes to making wraps and sandwiches that are grain and gluten free, it can be tricky to find something that is strong enough to hold the filling and stay together while you take it on-the-go. And really most of our meals these days are eaten on-the-go, with the exception of dinner, so it’s nice to have something that can be taken in a ziplock bag and not always in a bulky Tupperware.

Here are my TOP THREE grain+gluten-free bread replacements for sandwiches and wraps:

  • Blanched Collard Greens: My infatuation of the moment! These versatile leaves are super sturdy, last for a week in the fridge, are filled with fiber, and are super low in carbs and calories. The rich green color is nice too. Make a big batch of these on the weekend to create wraps for lunch all week long. Simply bring a big pot of salted water to boil, blanch the leaves for 2 minutes, then plunge into some ice water before drying off. Easy!
  • Coconut Flour Tortillas: I simply love these grain+gluten free coconut flour tortillas that I first came up with 5 years ago! When you want to wrap your filling (like tacos!) in something that tastes and feels more like a traditional tortilla, then this is the recipe to use. It does take longer to make than the collards, and these tasty tortillas are also not as sturdy. Allowing the tortillas to cool completely before wrapping makes them sturdier.
  • Naan Bread: I simply love this recipe for Naan Bread, from my cookbook The Recipe Hacker Confidential. I used almond flour and arrowroot starch instead of wheat flour, in order to make it grain+gluten-free. It’s a very speedy recipe, so it can be done right before dinner, and it always comes out so delicious and authentic tasting. This recipe is perfect for use in sandwiches – it stays sturdy and can be packed in a ziplock bag like a regular or piece of bread, unlike some grain-free bread slices that fall apart. Yay! 

Serves 2

2 collard green leaves

2 tablespoons coconut cream

1 teaspoon coconut aminos

2 teaspoons Sriracha

⅓ cup carrots, thinly sliced

½ avocado, sliced

½ cucumber, peeled, seeded and cut into matchsticks


Bring a medium sized pot of salted water to a boil. Get a bowl of ice water ready. Add the collard green leaves to the pot of boiling salt water for 2 minutes. Remove the leaves from the boiling water and plunge into the ice water for 20 seconds. Place the leaves on a paper towel to dry.


In a bowl flake the tuna and mix in the coconut cream, coconut aminos, and Sriracha. Mix until well combined.


Place the two collard green leaves overlapping on a cutting board, in opposite directions so that the wide, flat ends overlap in the middle. Line the tuna, carrots, avocado slices and cucumber matchsticks down the middle, leaving open space around the edges of the leaves.


Wrap like a burrito, cut down the middle on a diagonal, and serve immediately. Enjoy!


Calories: 317
Fat: 13g
Carbohydrates: 17g
Sodium: 193mg
Fiber: 4g
Protein: 34g
Sugar: 7g

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