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Frosted Pumpkin Protein Cookies

Prep time 20 min
Cook time 10 min
Total time 30 min

Prep time 20 min
Cook time 10 min
Total time 30 min


Pumpkin is THE FLAVOR of the fall season and the inspiration for today’s fat-burning dessert!

​Have you ever stopped to read the ingredients and nutrition facts on seasonal, pumpkin-flavored treats? Most are fat, sugar and calorie traps that might TASTE GOOD but ultimately it leaves you sluggish, unhappy and a few pounds heavier. 

But don’t worry, before you swear off the tasty flavor of pumpkin, give these delicious, frosted pumpkin protein cookies a try!

All of the ingredients in these cookies work FOR YOU to support your fat loss results and fuel your body with nutrient-dense, usable calories. It’s low in sugar and loaded with delicious, muscle-building TRULEAN protein! 

Serves 20
For the Cookies

¼ cup + 1 Tablespoon coconut flour

¼ teaspoon sea salt

¼ teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

⅓ cup brown Swerve

⅓ cup granular Swerve

½ cup pumpkin puree

1 egg white

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the Frosting

2 tablespoons Butter or coconut oil

¼ cup Swerve Confectioners Style

1 tablespoon arrowroot

2 tablespoons almond milk

a sprinkle of ground cinnamon​ 


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.


In a mixing bowl combine the dry cookie ingredients: protein powder, coconut flour, salt, baking soda and cinnamon. Mix to combine.


In a food processor combine both types of Swerve and pumpkin puree until smooth. Add the egg white and vanilla extract. Mix until smooth. Add the dry cookie ingredients and mix well.


Drop the dough in Tablespoon scoops of dough on the prepared parchment paper-lined baking sheet keeping 2 inches in between each cookie. Bake in the preheated oven for 10 minutes.


For the Frosting: Melt the butter in a skillet until browned. With an electric mixer with a whisk attachment, combine the butter with the protein powder, swerve and arrowroot. Drizzle in the almond milk until fluffy.


Once the cookies have cooled, frost each cookie with the frosting. If desired, top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Enjoy!

Quick Tip

Love frosted cookie but don’t want the pumpkin? Check out these Frosted Protein Cookies​! ​


Calories: 109
Fat: 5g
Carbohydrates: 18g
Sodium: 71mg
Fiber: 2g
Protein: 8g
Sugar: 6g

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