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Cold & Flu Recovery Soup

Prep time 5 min
Cook time 20 min
Total time 25 min

Prep time 5 min
Cook time 20 min
Total time 25 min


Surviving the stomach flu is something that Chloe is quite proud of. She wears it like a badge of honor (right up there with the tiny elbow scar from her broken arm last year) all the way back to Kindergarten today. Another thing to add to the tally of brave things she’s done. Things that big brother hasn’t done yet. Also on the list: getting a bee sting, having teeth pulled at the dentist and getting a black eye from a runaway soccer ball. 

She’s a tough one. 

And thank goodness, because it makes battling a cold or flu so much easier when the little patient isn’t fazed. Especially when you catch the bug yourself and need to care for and mend at the same time. Every parent (or persons with a needy spouse!) knows what I’m talking about. 

This week when we were both on the mend, yet not quite ready for normal meals, I did some experimenting to come up with a soup recipe that would be very nourishing, flavorful and easy to stomach. 

Each and every ingredient of this soup was chosen for its special nutritional benefits to assistance in your recovery from a cold or flu. Here’s what I mean… 

Leek & Garlic: These two love-em-or-hate-em vegetables are from the same family, and both provide many broad-spectrum antiseptic and immunity-boosting compounds. 

Paprika: This beautiful red spice comes from red chili peppers, and contains capsaicin, which has antioxidant properties. 

Sage: In addition to tasting delicious, sage has strong antiseptic and astringent medicinal properties. 

Bay Leaf: This unassuming little dry leaf is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and astringent qualities. 

Chicken Broth: You need more fluids while fighting off a flu or cold, and chicken broth is a nutritious way to make that happen. 

Organic Eggs: A swirl of organic eggs in the soup really increases the protein, which you’ll need to quickly recover. 

While I hope that you completely avoid the cold and flu, I hope that you’ll enjoy this soup if you do end up catching something! 

*This soup can easily be made without the eggs, if you have allergies or if your tummy is only able to handle broth-type soups.

Serves 4

1 tablespoon olive oil

7 cloves Garlic, minced

1 leek, chopped

1 teaspoon ground sage

1 teaspoon sweet paprika

5 cups chicken broth

2 cups filtered water

1 bay leaf

4 eggs, beaten


Heat the olive oil in a large soup pot over medium. Add the garlic and chopped leek. Cook for 3 minutes, stirring often. Add the sage and sweet paprika. Mix well and cook for another 3 minutes, until soft.


Add the chicken broth, water and bay leaf. Bring to a boil. Cover partially and boil for 10 minutes.


Remove the soup from heat and remove the bay leaf. Use an immersion blender to puree the leeks. Return to heat and bring to a low boil. Pour the beaten eggs into the soup slowly while mixing. Remove from heat and serve. Enjoy!


Calories: 152
Fat: 8g
Carbohydrates: 5g
Sodium: 201mg
Fiber: 1g
Protein: 8g
Sugar: 0g

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