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Chocolate Protein Pudding

Prep time 5 min
Cook time
Total time 5 min

Prep time 5 min
Cook time
Total time 5 min


As you change your eating habits to support your fitness and weight loss goals, it’s important to find desserts that are low in sugar.

Because let’s face it, there are just some days when you NEED a bite of something sweet. 

And getting your sweet fix from a high protein, low sugar recipe like THIS PROTEIN PUDDING is going to make a huge impact on your long term fitness results. 

Let’s eat pudding AND still fit into our skinny jeans :) 

It will take your palate a little while to adjust from refined sugars to more subtly sweet desserts like this pudding. When your sweetness is coming from stevia, monk fruit and real fruit, it won’t be as strong as when it comes from refined sugar sources. The great news is that soon your taste will adjust and refined sugar treats will begin to taste far too sweet for your liking. 

This recipe can easily be done in VANILLA! Simply mix your yogurt with Trulean’s Frosted Vanilla Cake Protein Powder and top with fresh berries! ​​​

Serves 1

⅔ cup Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt (or dairy-free yogurt)

sprinkle of ground cinnamon

sprinkle of sea salt

¼ cup fresh berries


Combine the yogurt and protein powder in a bowl, mixing well until fully combined.


Sprinkle with cinnamon and sea salt. Top with some berries. Enjoy!

Quick Tip

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Calories: 205
Fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 11g
Sodium: 496mg
Fiber: 0g
Protein: 40g
Sugar: 4g

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