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Vacation Proof Your Diet

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Turkey Meatballs and Roasted Spaghetti Squash

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Why is it worth our time and effort to make real-food versions of the unhealthy foods you love? One slice of pumpkin bread at the coffee shop for breakfast seems like a pretty small thing in the grand scheme of your day, but it’s the same as throwing a small stone into a tranquil pond—the ripple effect is far-reaching.

You know that eating a diet of real foods is the key to longevity and healthy body composition. And topping the list of “real foods” is high quality produce and lean meats. While conceptually this all makes sense, finding a way to apply these guidelines to real life is often easier said than done.

This is the entire reason that I create these healthy dinner menus for you each week. By doing the planning for you, all that’s left is accessing your grocery list and making the wholesome recipes assigned to each day. By doing this you KNOW that you’re eating a diet that’s not only going to make you look and feel your best, it’s going to prime you for optimal longevity and health.  

And because I’m relentless about taste, you know that every bite will be enjoyable!

Don’t miss my favorite recipes this week – Pan Seared Teriyaki Salmon, Beet and Citrus Salad, Spicy Lamb Larb and Turkey Meatballs with Pine nuts!

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