Who Cooks Your Food?

Who cooks your food?Who cooks your food? Is it a human or a corporation?

According to Michael Pollan, well known food author and journalist, how you answer this question determines your health more than any other factor. More than economic status. More than race. More than family history. Eating a diet filled with food that has been prepared by humans is the key to good health.

This revelation is both exciting and ominous.

Exciting for those of us whose favorite moments of the day involve fresh ingredients, a good knife and our favorite stack of pans. Ominous for those of us who consider picking up takeout as making dinner.

For most of history, humans have been sustained by meals prepared and consumed at home. Cooking was an essential part of life – if you didn’t know how to cook, or live with someone who did, then you’d go hungry. However, since the mid sixties, home cooking has been steadily on the decline. We’ve turned our pots and pans in for a tv dinner and a takeout menu.

As home cooking declines the rates for obesity and all other diet related diseases steadily rise. And these trends don’t show signs of slowing down.

I shudder to think of where we, collectively as humans, will find ourselves in another 10, 20 or 30 years. How much higher will obesity rates be? How prevalent will diet related disease be? What will our quality of life look like? And what does this mean for our kids and our grandkids?

All because as a society we have decided to let corporations industrialize our meals. Because we have decided to believe that home cooking is something we don’t have time for or simply aren’t trained to do. Because we choose convenience over quality.

What if we took a stand, in the face of our industrialized food culture, by making our own real food meals at home? How quickly would we begin to see a difference, both in our own weight and health, and also in our status as a society? Let’s restore home cooking to its rightful place in our homes. Let’s change the world, one home cooked meal at a time!

This excites me!!! And I hope it excites you too 🙂

The satisfaction of cooking a wholesome, real food meal is something to be treasured – it’s a gift. Give it and receive it freely. To help get you started I’ve compiled 10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes and 10 Healthy Dinner Recipes. Also below are 2 videos worth watching from Michael Pollan – this guy got me all fired up today! – about The Importance of Home Cooking. Enjoy!

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Michael Pollan’s talk on The Importance of Home Cooking is condensed down into a cartoon here…

And here’s a longer, more in-depth cut of Michael Pollan’s fantastic presentation on Home Cooking!


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