10 Healthy Dinners

10 healthy dinner recipes paleoIs there anything better than gathering around a table with loved ones to enjoy a flavorful, home cooked dinner? The aromas, the laughter, the feeling of contentment. Ahhhh…

Thoughtfully prepared, real food meals hold such power. The power to nourish. The power to satisfy. The power to heal. The power to bring us together.

Industrialized meals (food prepared by corporations, not humans) simply can’t compare.

Sure, processed meals are convenient with little to no prep time – but convenience comes at a cost. Toxic ingredients, mega calories, and unholy amounts of fat, sugar and salt all add up to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and shortened life spans.

I remember hearing my high school home ec teacher say, “You pay now or you pay later.” She was referring to the quality of the ingredients that we used in our cooking. Pay more for the good stuff and enjoy the resulting quality dish. Pay less for cheap ingredients and pay by having your dish turn out a flop.

When it comes to home cooked meals we often don’t way to pay now with our time and effort, but, my friend, I’m afraid that will result in us paying later, in declining health and a shortened life.

So let’s do something about it…Let’s cook up wholesome, real food meals for our family and loved ones! Here are 10 Healthy Dinner Recipes to start with…

Easy recipe for teriyaki chicken

#1) Easy Teriyaki Chicken

Soba Bowl 1 copy

#2) Soba Bowl

Stuffed Cabbage 1 copy

#3) Stuffed Cabbage

Super lime salmon recipe

#4) Ginger Lime Salmon

Recipe for short ribs in slow cooker

#5) Slow Cooker Beef Short Rib

BLT pasta recipe

#6) BLT Pasta Salad

Best grain-free stuffed pepper recipe

#7) Peppers Stuffed with Cinnamon Turkey Pilaf

Turkey Apple Meat Balls with Balsamic Glaze Recipe

#8) Glazed Meatballs on wild greens

Guilt free recipe for red curry noodles.

#9) Coconut Curry Noodles

The easiest paleo brisket recipe

#10) Beef Brisket

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