7 Cleansing Recipes

7 Cleansing Recipes PhotoWhat better time, than at the dawn of a brand new year, to spend some time cleansing our bodies of toxins and excess calories?! I love spending the month of January in cleansing mode by taking a break from caffeine, alcohol and heavy foods.

The most important part of cleansing is to drink plenty of water. I like to add sliced lemons and fresh mint leaves to my water to jazz it up. Cucumber, orange, lime and basil leaves are also great flavor additions.

Below I’ve complied my 7 favorite Cleansing Recipes to get your New Year off to a purified start 🙂

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Cleansing Juice

New Beginnings Cleansing Juice

recipe for veggie soup

Simple Veggie Soup

Recipe for asparagus noodles

Asparagus Noodles with Lemon and Dill

Best easy recipe for chicken slow cooker tacos.

Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

Best recipe for Chicken Chowder

Spicy Chicken Chowder with Carrot Noodles

Pesto egg recipe

Veggie Pesto Scramble

Best low carb green smoothie recipe

Low Carb Green Smoothie

27 Habits book

Here’s an effective program for forming healthy habits in 2015!


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