Paleo Cooking 101

Paleo Cooking 101Learn to Cook Flavorful, Satisfying Paleo Meals that Burn Fat and Please the Whole Family with this New Video Course

You’ve heard that eating Paleo is the way to go to safely and steadily lose weight and lean out.

But where do you begin?

Learning a whole new way of eating and cooking can feel overwhelming, so I’ve designed this 10 lesson video course to teach you everything you need to know in a fun way that gets you right into the kitchen.

Here’s what my Paleo Cooking 101 video lesson course covers:

Lesson #1: Paleo Cooking: The Basics and 8 Steps for Success

Don’t worry! Eating a Paleo diet can be an exciting and delicious experience. You aren’t stuck eating chicken breast and salad every day. In this lesson course we will learn how to make tasty dishes like Enchiladas, Tacos, Granola and even Cookies! You’ll learn how to make smart ingredient substitutions to remove the grains, gluten, dairy, soy and cane sugar from your favorite recipes.

Lesson #2: Paleo Cooking: The Ingredients

On the paleo diet you get to enjoy all animal proteins, All vegetables and fruits, quality fat sources: coconut products, olives and olive oil, avocados, Nuts and seeds. You won’t eat sugar, dairy, grains, legumes and processed foods. This means a whole new list of pantry and fridge staples.

Lesson #3: Paleo Cooking: What’s for Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let’s make it delicious! In this breakfast lesson I’ll show you how to make Paleo egg muffins, simple 3-ingredient pancakes, and grain-free granola.

Lesson #4: Paleo Cooking: What’s for Dinner?

 It’s vital that you have a few quick and simple Paleo dinner recipes that your entire family will love. In this dinner lesson I’ll show you how to make Paleo chicken lettuce tacos, simple chili on sweet potato, and a savory one pot chicken dinner.

Lesson #5: Paleo Cooking: What’s for Snack?

Don’t even think about reaching for that vending machine! On the Paleo diet your snacks will be wholesome and non-packaged. In this snack lesson I’ll show you how to make plantain chips, classic kale chips, cheesy kale chips and chili spiced nuts.

Lesson #6: Paleo Cooking: What’s for Dessert?

Uh-oh, your sweet tooth is bugging you…again. What to do? Traditional desserts that are loaded with refined sugar, gluten and dairy are not on your radar anymore. So what do you do when you just HAVE to taste a cookie? In this dessert lesson I’ll show you how to make Paleo Mini brownies, Chocolate covered banana sandwiches, easy fruit dessert and Chocolate coconut cookies.

Lesson #7: Paleo Cooking: What’s for Pizza Night?

Both delivery and Digiorno are off limits for you, my friend. And there are many reasons why you’re better off avoiding those traditional pizzas. But don’t fear, in this pizza lesson I have 2 amazing paleo pizza recipes that I’m going to walk you through as well as a dairy-free cheese spread made with cashews. Pizza night will prevail!

Lesson #8: Paleo Cooking: What’s for Mexican Night?

Chips, guacamole, tacos, enchiladas…stop drooling, I’ve got all the Paleo Mexican recipes you can handle. In this Mexican cooking lesson We will start with nature’s chips, will learn to make grain-free tortillas and will move on to tacos and enchiladas.

Lesson #9: Paleo Cooking: What about Fried Foods?

What do you do when your cranky I-need-fried-foods monster wakes up? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this Fried Foods lesson We will do a step-by-step recipe demo for Onion Rings, Zucchini Sticks, Fried chicken, chicken nuggets and Lazy man’s dairy-free Ranch. Mmmmm…

Lesson #10: Paleo Cooking: Let There Be Cake!

Congratulations on making it to lesson number 10! For this accomplishment I think that you deserve a slice of cake. In this Cake lesson I’ll show you how to make dairy-free whipped cream, fluffy chocolate frosting, yellow cake and also a fun fruit-only watermelon cake.  

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Paleo Cooking 101


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