Fire Pit Grilled Fruit

Healthy s'mores recipe

Want to grill something around the fire pit that won’t give you an icky sugar rush like traditional s’mores? Try grilling fruit!

It all started last night…out of desperation.

We were gathered with B’s entire extended family around a cozy outdoor fire pit on a perfect Palm Springs night. The air, which had been smotheringly hot during the day, was now cool and refreshing, causing our moods to soar. We shared stories and laughs and I pulled out a bottle of my favorite red wine to share.

Life was good.

And then the kids appeared around the corner of the house, carrying a big bag of s’mores supplies and skewers. Uh oh. Which sugar-loving relative packed those? While sticky-sweet marshmallow sandwiches used to be one of the best things about summer, I knew better now. My refined-sugar crashing days were behind me.

Now when I’m at home, in my perfectly ordered world, I don’t have to see, smell or think about off-limits foods. But life does not take place in a bubble, and there I was sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with happy marshmallow roasters.

I wanted to roast something too.

So I took a walk to the kitchen and looked around. A big bowl of perfectly plump strawberries and a bunch of bananas seemed as good as anything to try grilling.

Wow, what a treat! The strawberries, when carefully roasted, stayed cool in the inside and warm and juicy on the outside with an increase in the intensity of the strawberry flavor. The bananas, when charred beyond reason and split open, were sweet, creamy and delightful.

It was so much fun that everyone wanted to try my grilled fruit, and the marshmallows were cast aside. Heehee, real food prevails again!

So today I went through the steps and took photos to show you how you too can enjoy grilling fruit around a fire pit, and avoiding that refined-sugar crash.

Fire pit grilled fruit recipe
Start with simple, fresh, organic fruit. I used bananas and strawberries. Later in the summer, when my peach tree is overflowing, I’ll try it with sweet peaches.

Gather and wash the fruit and find some sturdy, metal skewers.

healthy s'mores
Take the green tops off your strawberries, otherwise they catch fire!

grilled fruit recipe
Place the strawberries on skewers.

how to grill fruit over fire
No need to peel your banana, just poke the skewer all the way through.

Fire pit grilled fruit recipe
For the Strawberries: Keep the fruit out of direct flames, as you would traditional marshmallows, allowing it to really heat up without blistering.

For the Bananas: Put the bananas right in the flames. You want them to get really, really charred on the outside.

grilling fruit
Ooops, grilling fruit during the day gets really hot. Especially in Palm Springs!

how to grill fruit
Mmmmmmmm grilled fruit!

how to eat grilled banana
Once the banana cools, slice it open with a knife and enjoy with a spoon.


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