How To Pack A Healthy Kid’s Lunch

How to pack a healthy kids lunch.

The healthiest lunches are filled with colorful fruits and veggies!

You packed what?! in your child’s lunch?

Earlier today on Facebook I posted a picture of the lunch I packed for my Kindergarten and 2nd grade kiddos that really had people talking.

You see, I don’t believe that kid’s lunches should be made up of spongy white-bread sandwiches, packaged, processed snacks or sweets filled with refined sugars and corn syrup.

Call me crazy, but I think our kids deserve better.

Real, whole foods like fresh fruit, roasted veggies, crispy greens, lean protein and wholesomely sweetened desserts.

So what did I pack for the kids? Chopped, fresh fruit…figs, melons, mangos and red guava. Protein and veggies…arugula, roasted eggplant, asparagus and turkey. Wholesome dessert…Cinnamon Quinoa Sweet Potato Cookies.

Not quite your typical kid’s lunch, but just imagine how much healthier our kids would be if this type of lunch became the norm? I get excited just thinking about it!

Here’s how to quickly and easily pack real food lunches for your kiddos:

1)    Think Outside The Ziplock Bag: Invest in a sturdy, compartmentalized Tupperware with at least 3 sections and a tight fitting lid. This opens up your lunch packing options dramatically. I mean, who really wants to eat roasted veggies and quinoa out of a plastic bag? Now you can pack all sorts of real wholesome foods without anything being smooshed.

2)    Escape The Sandwich Rut: Pack your protein-based sandwich filler on a pile of veggies, greens, zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice and ditch the bread. Most bread is basically like white sugar anyways, so save your child the refined carbs and sugars that put their bodies into fat storage mode. Packing veggies into lunch adds much needed vitamins, minerals and fiber into your child’s diet.

3)    Forget Packaged Treats: Sure, processed and packaged snacks and dessert items are convenient, but it’s damaging your child’s health so is it really worth it? Try this instead: spend an hour or two making real, wholesome snacks and treats on the weekend to use for lunches throughout the week. Baked plantain chips, homemade trail mix and a batch of caveman cookies would do the trick!

4)    Use Dinner Leftovers: When packing wholesome, real food lunches you don’t have to look any farther than last night’s dinner. Make enough of your protein and veggie based, real food dinner to cover everyone’s lunch the next day. This means less time spent in the kitchen for you and a delicious, nutritious lunch for all! Talk about a win-win 🙂

Let’s get our kids excited about eating real, wholesome foods. Imagine the impact this could have on future generations to come! Start by making my new chicken and veggie dinner recipe tonight, and then packing it in lunches tomorrow.

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