The Importance of Your Kid’s Breakfast

Apple Fritter Muffin

Mornings can be a very hectic time! Getting the kids dressed, packing lunches and getting ready for work makes preparing a healthy breakfast difficult.

The thing is, skipping breakfast puts your kids at a distinct disadvantage and even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, approximately 40 percent of children don’t eat breakfast on a regular basis.

Why do your kids need breakfast? And what recipes should you serve your family in order to get them ready for a good day?

Keep reading to find out…

The Case For Breakfast

When kids wake up in the morning their tank is empty and it is time to “break the fast” so to speak. 

Morning food gives the energy needed to function mentally and physically.

Check this out: Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast before school perform better on their reading and math scores, have longer attention spans, visit the school nurse less frequently, and are better behaved in class.

And as if improved school performance weren’t reason enough to get your kids into eating breakfast:

  • Kids who eat a healthy breakfast are better able to get the daily nutrients they need.
  • They are more likely to eat recommended levels of essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium; magnesium; phosphorus; riboflavin; folate; iron; and vitamins A, C, and B12.
  • Breakfast-consuming children also have lower cholesterol levels.

If your child is skipping breakfast in an attempt to lose weight, keep this in mind…skipping breakfast to lose weight is a myth. 

Those who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to have a greater body mass index (BMI) than those who do, since skipping breakfast makes kids so hungry they eat extra calories later in the day to make up for it.

Apple Slice Pancakes

Making Breakfast Count

While it is important to feed your kids breakfast in the morning, go the extra mile by making sure that the breakfast you serve is wholesome and real. Eliminate the following from your kitchen:

  • Sugar-filled cereal
  • Packaged breakfast pastries
  • Packaged, sugar-added bars
  • Sugar-filled smoothie drinks
  • Fast food breakfast sandwiches


Recipe for sweet potato egg cups

Healthy, Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Here are some breakfast ideas that your kids will love:

  • Make a batch of Apple Fritter Muffins to keep on hand for a grab-n-go breakfast.
  • Hard-boiled eggs are a great source of protein and are fast and easy in the morning.
  • These Blueberry Lemon Mini-Muffins are low-carb and great to grab-n-go.
  • This recipe for Greens Eggs and Ham are packed with protein…and are fun!
  • Here’s a way to sneak some veggies into breakfast — Breakfast Bird Nests.
  • Instead of packaged, sugary granola bars try these bars.
  • Skip the sugary, grain-filled cereals and instead make a big batch of healthy granola.
  • How about low-carb pancakes? This recipe even has chocolate chips!
  • Here’s a way to make cinnamon rolls without grains and sugar. Try this recipe.

You Make A Difference

Tomorrow morning is your chance to start a new, healthy routine for your family.  When you fuel your kids with a quick, healthy breakfast they may not thank you, but their stomachs, minds, and teachers will.Caveman Granola


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