Easy Dinner Recipes

Healthy easy dinner recipes

Here are 10 easy and quick dinner recipes

Are you too busy decorating, shopping and wrapping stuff for Christmas to prepare a healthy dinner tonight?

Think again.

I’ve put together a list of 10 delicious and healthy dinner recipes that won’t take you away from your holiday activities for too long.

It’s extra important to plan for healthy dinners that are quick to prepare and that satisfy this time of year.

These protein and fiber filled meals will keep holiday pounds away 🙂



Easy Dinner Recipe #1: 15 Minute Tropical Fish Tacos

This recipe is super flavorful and delicious. It takes marinated cod, large lettuce leaves, mango salsa and guacamole and turns into low carb tacos that the whole family will love.


Quick and easy fish tacos

Tropical Fish Tacos

Easy Dinner Recipe #2: Creamy Chicken Soup with Quinoa & Roasted Red Peppers

My family is obsessed with this recipe! This savory chicken soup is perfect for cold winter days. It comes together very quickly.


easy dinner recipe

Creamy Chicken Soup with Quinoa & Roasted Red Peppers

Easy Dinner Recipe #3: Herb Chicken, Arugula and Mango Salad

I wouldn’t mind having this salad for dinner every single night. It’s that good. Marinate the chicken in the morning, then the rest of this tasty dinner will come together in a flash.


Best chicken salad recipe

Herb Chicken, Arugula and Mango Salad

Easy Dinner Recipe #4: Caveman BLT

Who doesn’t love bacon? And since this recipe is gluten-free and low carb there’s no reason to miss out on that classic BLT taste. This dinner is quick, lean and caveman approved!


easy dinner recipe

Caveman BLT

Easy Dinner Recipe #5: Okra & Carrot Stew

If you can find fresh okra then this stew is a must try. Tender okra and carrot are savory and comforting.


easy dinner recipe

Okra & Carrot Stew

Easy Dinner Recipe #6: Di’s Favorite Tuna

Tuna is a classic go-to recipe for a quick dinner solution. This is my favorite combination that uses white bean hummus instead of mayonnaise. There’s also minced apple for a subtly sweet touch.


easy dinner recipe

Di’s Favorite Tuna

Easy Dinner Recipe #7: Turkey Kebabs with Mint Yogurt Dip

Here’s a recipe that will satisfy even the biggest appetite, all while staying low carb and lean. This is one of B’s all time favorite dinner recipes!


easy dinner recipe

Turkey Kebabs with Mint Yogurt Dip

Easy Dinner Recipe #8: Arugula, Quinoa and Warm Vegetable Salad

Warm veggies and quinoa take this salad from ordinary to extraordinary. There are so many flavors going on that it doesn’t even need salad dressing.


easy dinner recipe

Arugula, Quinoa and Warm Vegetable Salad

Easy Dinner Recipe #9: Chicken Sausage, Cauliflower and Kale Casserole

Casserole recipe are great because you simply throw all the ingredients into a dish and bake it. This recipe includes cauliflower and kale for an extra nutritional boost.


easy dinner recipe

Chicken Sausage, Cauliflower and Kale Casserole

Easy Dinner Recipe #10: Easy Apple Pork Chops

Don’t worry, even though it sounds fancy it’s really quick and easy to put this recipe together. Serve with spinach salad on the side.

easy dinner recipe

Easy Apple Pork Chops


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