Real Healthy Holidays

Lighten your holiday recipes

Lighten up your Holiday meal with these Real Healthy Recipes.

This year is the perfect time to break from old, tired traditions of heavy, greasy, carb and sugar-filled holiday recipes and to try something lighter, healthier and more wholesome!

recipe for holiday sangria

Let the holiday festivities begin!

Here’s a list of recipes that work beautifully with your holiday meal.

Your guests won’t miss the sugar in this sangria recipe. Cranberry and pomegranate make this drink very festive.

Choose from these appetizer recipes that are high in protein and low in pesky carbs. Your guests will have their appetites whetted without getting too full or bloated before the big meal.


Traditional holiday recipes are what your guests are expecting, so give them what they want. See if anyone even notices that you’ve replaced unhealthy traditional ingredients with healthier, more wholesome stuff.

Healthy holiday salad

Arugula, quinoa and warm vegetables.

A holiday meal is not complete without a big bowl of greens. Avoid using creamy bottled salad dressings, and stick with these natural ingredient based dressings instead.

Notice that these vegetable sides aren’t slathered with creamy fillers or topped with fried onions or crumbled chips. Keep your vegetable recipes simple and allow the natural flavors to shine through.

Just because you’ve gone gluten free and are avoiding wheat and carbs doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a warm slice of homemade bread with  your holiday meal.

Dessert is the best part of any holiday meal! Avoid using lots of refined sugar in your dessert recipes — there are many wholesome sweeteners that work just as well while avoiding the negative impact of sugar. Fresh, organic, seasonal fruit is always the healthiest dessert.

I hope that you enjoy your lightened-up holiday meal as much as I know I’ll enjoy mine 🙂





Lighten up holiday meals


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