Epiphany In Sedona

B and I enjoy a cold and windy view of the Grand Canyon at the South Rim

View from our room. Pictures just don’t do it justice.

Chloe soaks up the sun and breeze on a Sedona Trolley ride












Last week B and I took the kids for their first visit to the Grand Canyon, and I came away from the family vacation with more than just fun memories.

We stayed in Red Rock Country, Sedona – one of the most mystical and breathtaking places in the world. Sedona is said to have three vortex locations among the red rock formations. What exactly is a vortex? It’s best described as an flow of energy that has the power to interact with your inner self. Crazy stuff, more on this later.

Lucky for us the train robbers turned out to be friendly

During our stay we toured Sedona on an old fashioned trolley car, took a train ride from Williams to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and hiked to Montezuma’s castle. The kids were excited to play with snow, rare for us, and loved the excitement when our train was held up by a band of silly cowboys on horseback.

The highlight of the trip, for me, was Montezuma’s castle. Built into the side of a limestone cliff over 1,000 years ago by Sinagua Indians, the castle is amazingly preserved. My imagination was instantly captivated with daydreams of what it would have been like to be alive 1,000 years ago when the castle was a bustling community.

Back to my epiphany. While we travel I do my best to eat as healthy as I do at home. By packing healthy snacks and ordering smart, it’s usually pretty easy.

On the last day of the trip I decided to “treat” myself by loosening up on my regular healthy eating habits. We were on vacation after all! So I indulged. It started with Sedona’s legendary PB&J omelet for breakfast and ended with a piece of fully loaded cheesecake.

That night I couldn’t sleep. The unhealthy food I had eaten was having its way with me. With thoughts swirling I came to a definitive conclusion: To think of eating unhealthy food as “treating” myself was just plain backwards.

I personally love healthy food, yet somehow I was still holding onto the belief that unhealthy stuff is somehow better. Well, Sedona and its vortexes set me straight.

How cool would it have been to live in this castle?

To feed your body healthy food IS the treat, plain and simple.

Keep that in mind as you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and all throughout the holidays. I know I will 🙂


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