Going Raw, Day 4

Andrew poses for his passport picture

Andrew poses for his passport picture

Day 4 was go, go, go.

Sprouted pumpkin seeds are SO GOOD

Sprouted pumpkin seeds are SO GOOD

I hardly had time to think about food, let alone prepare anything elaborate.

The day was a blur: taking Andrew to and from school, writing a newsletter, going to the Post Office to interview for the kid’s passports, a doctor appointment, grocery shopping and doing errands.

A trip to Henry’s Market turned up an amazing new raw treat: Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds. Wow, these are tasty. I snacked on these along with raw Goji berries while working on the computer. Yum.

I got an operational ice cream maker, and after the kids were in bed gave raw ice cream a whirl. Of course Andrew promptly came downstairs and told me that the ice cream maker was just way too loud. When he found out that I was making ice cream – raw or not – he was suddenly fine with the noise volume.

The ice cream turned out good. Well, B loved it and I thought it was OK. One of the main ingredients is raw coconut, which B loves, and is not my favorite flavor. I enjoyed the experience of eating something that resembled an ice cream sundae more than I actually enjoyed the taste 🙂

Yes, that's 100% Raw!

Yes, that’s 100% Raw!

Here’s the menu for today:

  • Breakfast: Bunch of organic grapes with some Rawnola Almond
  • Lunch: Leftover Raw Italy with avocado slices
  • Snack: Sprouted Pumpkins seeds and raw Goji berries
  • Dinner: We went out to CPK, I got a big salad while the family ate pizza 🙁 Why did I sign up for this again?
  • Dessert: Raw Ice Cream Sundae (will post recipe tomorrow)

It was nice to take a break from preparing meals today, but I have a ton of new recipes that I’m excited to try out.

My weight is down 4.5 pounds now. I’m not sure how much of that is just water weight, but I’ll take it nonetheless!


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