Going Raw, Day 3

Thank goodness for raw chocolate!

Thank goodness for raw chocolate!

I woke up starving on day 3.

As I prepared Andrew’s lunch for school, a veggie burger with all the fixings (isn’t he the luckiest preschooler? :)) I was so tempted to take a big bite! The sprouted grain bun and savory veggie patty….ahhhhhh.

Breakfast on Day 3

Breakfast on Day 3

I grabbed a mandarin orange for the road, and when I returned home to my office I had a grapefruit and raw bar.

Not quite a veggie burger, but at least the hunger pains went away.

Halfway through the morning I was craving something sweet. Luckily during our trip to the natural food store this weekend I picked up some raw chocolate.

Raw chocolate is interesting. It’s slightly bitter, which is delicious, and seems to be extra filling. One bite of each type of raw chocolate and I had had enough.

B and I were crazy about this dinner

B and I were crazy about this dinner

Here’s the menu for today:

I had dessert planned for tonight — a raw ice cream sundae. I found the recipe in The Art of Raw Living Food, and made the base with soaked cashews and coconut.

The problems started when I pulled out our ice cream maker, which I haven’t used in over 3 years. As I assembled the machine I found a crack in the mixing blade. Well, more than a crack — it was a total loss.

So now the raw ice cream base sits in the fridge in liquid form.

Hopefully I’ll get things working tomorrow!


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