Going Raw, Day 1

Chloe and I down our green juice and appetizers at 118 Degrees Raw Food Restaurant

Chloe and I down our green juice and appetizers at 118 Degrees Raw Food Restaurant

Today I woke up and decided to go Raw.

Well, sort of.

While in Vancouver, BC over the holidays I picked up Living Raw Food , then that spiraled into getting Raw Food Real World, Raw Food Life Force Energy, The Art of Raw Living Food, Easy Raw Vegan Entrees, and Easy Raw Vegan Sides and Snacks.  (I know, I know. Someone please revoke my amazon membership…I’m out of control).

All the reading on Raw living piqued my curiosity. Would going Raw really change how I look and feel? Would I wake up with more energy, as these books suggest, and bounce through my day ‘in a state of natural bliss’ ?

Being an extremist, I have to do everything full fledged. It’s the way I’m wired, and I’ve long stopped trying to fight my DNA. Not knowing if Raw living would be something I’d want to keep up indefinitely, I decided to do a Raw trail run.

So for the next 42 days I’ll eat nothing but Raw food. (gulp)

Why 42 days?

That’s the time left between now and our 10-day Panama Canal cruise. Once we board that ship, though, all bets are off 🙂

Here’s a summary of what I ate on Day 1:

  • Breakfast: Veggie Delight Juice & a Banana
  • Lunch: A big salad of baby greens, avocado, tomato and mushrooms
  • Snack: Raw unsalted cashews & pistachios, and mandarin orange
  • Dinner: A FEAST at 118 Degrees in Costa Mesa. Pesto stuffed mushrooms, Thai spring rolls, Portobella mushroom stuffed tacos and Apple cobbler.

We also made a stop at Mother’s Market and picked up a stash of raw foods.

I may end up gaining weight on this diet...

I may end up gaining weight on this diet…

I’m not sure what to expect over the following 42 days.

It may be an experience that revolutionizes how I eat and cook for my family (bless their hearts, in the last 9months I’ve taken us all off refined sugar, meat, dairy and eggs. I’m not sure how the Raw lifestyle would go over!)

Or the Raw food experiment could be simply a passing phase.

Or, most likely, it may end up that we decide to incorporate Raw meals into our lifestyle, without going 100%.

Only time will tell.

Whatever happens I’m ready for the ride!

Do you eat Raw? Share your experience below…


  • Bedros Keuilian January 10, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    I gotta say that raw restaurant was REALLY good. And based on all the raw foods we got today I’m gonna say that you’re gonna stick to it and will be rock’in it on the cruise ship 🙂

    Can’t wait to eat all the raw meals you’re gonna make!


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